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About Me


Hi and Welcome to "Trisha's Creations". My name is Patricia Burnette, many know me by other sites which I Own ! I am married been married for almost 19 years to the same man. I have Osteoporosis and I do what I enjoy and that is graphics, and psp tubes, and designing websites

I have 4 Grandchildren, 3 Boys, and 1 Girl! We found out recently we have a Great Grandbaby!!! Awesome!!! Boy aren't we getting old!

I have been on the internet since 1990, and boy at the way it has changed. I am 46 years old, I am a computer specialist, and I love creating Paint Shop Pro Tubes. I love seeing what I can do to change a graphic and be able to create my own designs, from my thoughts. :-)

I took a small business course and extended web design course from PCDI, and this was just to brush me up on what's new out there, but come to find out they didn't teach me nothing new, I already knew what they was teaching me lol !

I obtained my graphics from various places and from graphics cd's in which I had purchased over the years. I have so many, I tell ya, I wish I had the time to actually make tubes and designs from all of them.

Most of the graphics which I have obtained are in public domain and have been royalty free.....and, I will not be accused of anything less or more than that.

All, other tubes which may have been used, there was no restrictions on them, so don't accuse me of that neither. I am not hard up to where I have to take what isn't mine.....I have no need to do that.

I started doing all this from fun, and now it ended up having so many I decided to pass them down....I will not tolerate being accused of anything. I have read all over the internet where honest people get accused of taking graphics etc. and they were and are in public domain. So, I will take up for myself, so if you see something in which was your's and there was restrictions, then update your terms, I will remove what ever the problem may be, no need to get ugly.

As, you will see, mostly through my site, it is in the Christian theme mostly, as I am a Christian and I just love the Christian theme look. I owe my talent all to the Lord and I am proud of what I do. It is not all extreme professional yet, but I am getting there.

I do not have the programs which create all this flash stuff, all this does is slow down loading times with web pages, it's all for the bird's if you ask me. All this does is make load time a drag and time consuming.

I love to be creative and love beautiful colors, and see what all I can do with something that looks so drab. So, please if you like my site, will you please sign my guestbook!!!

Thanks Sincerely,

Patricia Burnette

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