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Trishas Creations Terms Of Use

Trisha's Creation's, are not public domain images nor are they royalty free images. The Thumbnails, are only Thumbnails, and they cannot be viewed and or used as a full original graphic.

We feel it's fair that we are credited with the ALL Original Graphics Designs, in which we made ourselves or used from any and all royalty free images to create Our Graphics for you.

We have rule requirements listed below. My wish is for you to be able to use our graphics anyway you like, and to also protect the integrity of our original work. We have purchased many CD'S and collected thousands of "Royalty Free Graphics" over the years and why would we spend our time to create different graphics, for abuse?

We want you to enjoy creating designs, being imaginative, dream up your own ideas. It's fun to create something and have other's enjoy them to as much as I enjoyed making them. well of course making a little profit as well, but what profit I would be making will not go into my pocket it will go into bringing you more exciting designs !

I am over joyed and blessed to have had the opportunity each and every day, month and year to make and collect all my work and be able to finally bring them online for other's to enjoy. My wish is that you have a great success in your designing career and ventures, to create even more exciting designs with ours!

Our Main Restrictions

The first restriction is that you: You may not and can not offer our original graphics, clipart, templates, printables, paper designs or images for download free or sale in any form, whole or in part, whether print, digital or storage media collection such as a CD.

If, you are Purchasing Our Collections, then this only gives YOU the RIGHT to use them on other designs you create, it does NOT INCLUDE the following as many designers are strict about as well:

Our graphics original form may not never be redistributed in any manner, or used in creation of: email stationary, Incredimail, mailing lists, newsgroups (MSN,Yahoo etc), exchange groups as in and limited to : ICQ, chat rooms e-card sites, guest-books, message boards, boards, or other software plug-ins, CD, software or other media, online collection or archive, NOR redistributed for financial gain.

Now, if you create E-Cards for your Own Site, then you may, however place a Credit on where you Obtained those Graphics and Images, poems etc.


Licensing restriction is: No mass production is allowed without a license agreement. What is mass production? 300 or more pieces or products. No exceptions to this Rule. You can BEWARE because we do purchase graphics collections in which are on the Internet and through catalogs, etc. and you never ever know who just might get their hands on them.

If you do plan on creating designs and or other products with our original design OR any design of ours that you altered , just to re-sell them then you are in infringement of this agreement .You must have my written permission to license my work if , you plan on changing and or altering them in anyway, you have to Purchase a License to do so, no Exceptions to this Rule neither.

There is NO need to change the graphic when using under a commercial license.
There is also NO need to change the graphic when using without a commercial license

You are only allowed to use Our Graphics for your Own Purpose to create your own designs. ALL TIME RULE You must create a new design or graphic with the graphics or any other designs in which we have created, to be able to legally sell what you have created with our graphics and designs.

Since our Designs / Products are Digital Media (s) there is NO REFUNDS. Why? Due to the fact that graphics are digital media, anyone can duplicate the media and then expect a Refund when they still have the designs and or products. So, NO REFUNDS will be given to anyone...Sorry!

You are purchasing permission to use the my graphics, as is, not MY COPYRIGHT.

Trisha's Creation's, retains full and all copyright to my designs and original images. Terms are subject to change or update without notice. Any and ALL adjustments within our terms will be emailed to you or you can come back from time to time to see if we have changed them.

Web Designers

We do not and will not charge web designers for any additional fees for using or incorporating our designs into their own graphics, in which they can use on their clients sites without further charges!

You may use them in design sets, design sets and templates made by other's for profit as long as you do not add our original design and claim it as your own. Any copyright information that is watermarked onto our graphics must remain intact.

File Types

It is your responsibility to ensure you have a program that is compatible with the below described file types, and knowledge know how to work with them. We DO NOT take NO RESPONSIBILITY to how they are used.

We work exclusively in (Paint Shop Pro8 & 9) and in which the files are compatible with the (Paint Shop Pro) files. Printables are in (*.jpg,*.gif,*.png *.tif format.

Our Tubes are in *.tub, *.psptube


"Terms of Use" are provided for both you, and Trisha's Creation's, legal protection. The purchase of our designs and images is a legal agreement to the terms of use described on this site.

Files will not be used in an obscene, defamatory, or immoral setting or for any purpose which is prohibited by law. Any use in direct conflict with these terms here is in direct conflict with U.S. copyright laws and therefore subject to all legal fees and costs associated with copyright violation.

Theft and unauthorized redistribution will result in legal Actions. Purchasers are expected to read, understand and comply with these terms. Even if you feel like you know them already, you will still be binded by LAW to these TERMS OF SERVICE! All images that are on this website and our other sites are ALL PROPERTY OF "TRISHA"S CREATION'S, none other !

We are available to answer any questions about our terms.

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